Coordinating Plastic Tableware to your Theme

Coordinating Plastic Tableware to your Theme

Choosing a theme for your upcoming event can be pretty difficult. The possibilities are endless, and just when you think you've found the one you like, you see another 3 themes that are just as attractive.

In this post we'll describe the essential disposable supplies you'll need, and how to coordinate the items and colors to match your theme. The beauty of decorating your event should be to showcase or accent the colours. Try to avoid over doing it by using all the supplies and decor as the same color.

Start off by choosing a beautiful printed napkin. Something that has a cool design and coordinates with your theme. Now, take your printed napkin and match a corresponding solid colour plate. We want to enhance the beauty of the print you have chosen so we're going to add mostly solid color supplies and just one or two of the items to be printed. Below you'll find a list of the disposable items you may need for your event.

-Dinner Plates, Appetizer Plate, Dessert Plate
-Dinner Napkins, Luncheon Napkins, Cocktail Napkins
-Forks, Spoons, Knives
-Hot/Cold Cups, Wine Cups, Champagne Flutes, Margarita Cups
-Tablecovers, Tablecover Clips

Back to the selection of colors and prints, I recommend 1-2 items being the same print, for example a tablecover and napkin and everything else be a matching solid color. If you really love color, you can even incorporate two solid colors that correspond nicely with the print design you've chosen.

On a more economical level, I recommend using some items in clear so that if you end up having leftover pieces you can always match them to your next event theme. The items that I find look best in clear are plastic cups and cutlery. Definately use a color plate, napkin and tablecover to make your theme stand out!

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