Buffet Table meets Disposables....A Perfect Match!

Buffet Table meets Disposables....A Perfect Match!

Wondering how to set up the buffet table properly at your upcoming event? Buffet tables are awesome, and they work wonders when you're limited on space or have a large guest count. But, failing to set up the table in the correct fashion can end up defeating the entire purpose of choosing the buffet-style!

Start the beginning of the buffet table with a stack of heavy duty plates. always like plastic plates as they tend to be more sturdy than paper, but this can depend on preference and what types if foods you're serving. The end of the buffet table should hold the cutlery and napkins. Allowing this type of set up will ensure your guests have their hands free to serve themselves with one hand while holding their plate with the other, Once they've filled their plates they are free to grab the cutlery and napkins as needed without dropping anything!

It's easy to serve the utensils in glass mason jars, or even color coordinated plastic jars to keep the table neat and it's a great space saver. Another alternative is to wrap the utensils in the napkin and wrap it up for guests to pick up everything they need in one go,

Lastly, separate the drinks and corresponding cups on a different table. This avoids spills or accidents near the food buffet and allows people to move around freely.

The best part about choosing disposable tableware is that it's an easy clean up! No dishes or mess are left behind. The buffet table conserves space, it's easy to set up and even looks great when using heavy duty disposables.

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