Balloon Tassels-DIY

Tassels are a unique way to completely change the overall image of a simple balloon. Rather than tying the balloon to an ordinary piece of curling ribbon, making these beautiful and custom designed tassels are a sure way to make a huge impact at your next event. What's cool about these tassels is that they are unique in every way, starting from the materials used and the colors chosen. These tassels will be completely customized to your liking!

Consider using tissue paper or even plastic tablecovers. Choose a variety of shades and colours to match your theme. Follow the simple steps below and you'll have yourself a DIY balloon tassel!

1. Stack all of the tissue paper on top of one another, lining up all the edges.
2. Fold the stack in half, and fold once more.
3. Use scissors to cut random slits into the side of tissue paper without the fold.
4. Open up the tissue paper to its original state and cut it in half.
5. Take the sheets apart and roll each sheet up so that the slits are on opposite sides of one another.
6. Take the middle portion of each rolled tassel and fold it in half around the twine and twist.
7. Repeat with each piece of tissue paper and rotate colours as per your preference.
8. Attach twine to the neck of the balloon and let tassel hang downwards.